Kids go to Pinocchio

With the start of the new course began the start of the trips to the theater to watch plays in English. The first to enjoy these trips were seven classes from first and second of primary. They were accompanied by their teachers and their assistant teacher.

The theater adapted the classic fairytale ´Pinocchio´ into English for the kids to enjoy.

The past few days the students had been learning the songs from this play from a CD in class. They really liked these songs and they sang along with the actors in the play.

Pinocchio, Gepetto, the fairy and Stromboli made everyone laugh right up until the very end. They even took some students up on stage and incorporated them into the performance. Also the theatre used many different props and special effects to help the kids to learn in an innovative way, although we incorporate this method in our school already!

Overall, everyone really enjoyed the performance. There is also a CD and stickers that the students can enjoy at home!

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