The Gingerbread Man

Students from 3ºA show off their fantastic skills through different Gingerbread Man workshops!

The students from 3ºA have been reading the English story ´The Gingerbread Man´ in their Reading Plan classes.

Throughout the last month, they have taken part in various cross curricular activities. Through the use of arts and crafts, role-plays, acting and different project based activities the students really got to experience some English traditions and make mold delicious traditional cookies.

One of the most exciting workshops that the girls took part in was baking their own gingerbread cookies. They had to use their food vocabulary that they had been learning in class to write down the recipe, along with different skills that they had learned in many of their different classes. They shaped and decorated the cookies with molds they had brought from home. It was a fun workshop for everyone as all of the families came after school to take part and taste the delicious gingerbread cookies that the girls had cut from the dough!

Below, you can see some pictures from the different activities the students took part in over the last few weeks. As you can see, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!!

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