English conversations with speaking assistants

One of the mainstays of our bilingual project is based on the natural, simple and spontaneous learning of the English language.

* Fotografía realizada en el curso escolar 19/20

For this reason, in addition to teaching a large number of teaching hours in English and carrying out numerous activities using the language as the vehicular language, we attach great importance to our students putting them into practice in everyday situations and posing challenges of our ordinary life.

* Fotografía realizada en el curso escolar 19/20

We want them to be able to cope with the language in a direct and familiar way. That is why we have four “conversation assistants” at the school each year. What do they do? They are native and very close people who hold weekly-personalized sessions with very small groups in which they work on oral skills and abilities. These sessions are dynamic and in addition, to putting it into practice all the knowledge they already have, they enjoy and have fun. By being in contact with native people from different English speaking countries, the students practice and accustom their hearing to different accents. Furthermore, they enrich their views and their culture in a globalized world in which they are immersed.

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